viernes, 17 de julio de 2009


Mascaras, originally uploaded by PAL1970.

Guatemalans of Mayan ascent celebrate religious festivities and happy occasions with a "Baile de Moros", these are representations of various stories, through their eyes. There is the "Baile de la Conquista" (Dance of the Conquest of the Americas), the actual "Baile de Moros" (Moors dance, an actual representation of the Christian liberation of Spain from moor hands) and several stories from the bible. In these dances, the actors, dressed in character, perform their moves and dialog. The dresses include the use of masks, which can take the form of a Mayan Lord, a Spanish Conquistador, a Moor, or the witch counselor. The witch is usually presented as an animal... such as the masks in the image.